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“The games soundtrack, produced by High Frequency Bandwidth, really brings the game to life. Its’ an eclectic blend of music that matches the environments you are in. You will bop your head as you listen to the catchy techno sounds when you fight one of the bosses and the classy jazz sounds will provide you with brain food as you figure out what youre supposed to do next. Its a great soundtrack I cannot wait to purchase.” 8/10

PS Nation:

"High Frequency Bandwidth is back again providing an even better soundtrack than the first game. The music is more varied and even more atmospheric this time around. Sound effects are expertly executed. Almost all the enemies have their own unique sounds and you’ll be able to tell where threats are coming from before you even see them. This becomes especially useful in later levels where light is at a premium and you have to rely on sound even more."

MTV Multiplayer:

"Soulful Soundtrack: High Frequency Bandwith, a UK-based electronic duo, returns to handle the soundtrack for "Shooter 2" as they did in the original. It's extremely rare that I'll listen to a game's soundtrack outside of the game itself, but the one in "Shooter 2" is so good, I often found myself leaving the game running in the background, just so I could have something to groove to. It's a down-tempo mix of jazz and electronica, all fitting perfectly with the events on screen."

Kotaku: Soundtrack:"Some people tune video game music out, or so I've heard. Sometimes they do this because the music is not as stylish nor as interesting a mix of record-scratching, jazz and whatever other eclectic influences inspired the series' maestros, the producers of 'stoned soul hip-hop' High Frequency Bandwidth."

Just Push Start:

"Music is Catchy - Once again High Frequency Bandwidth did an amazing job on the game’s soundtrack. It’s just as catchy as it was in the first game and more than once you will catch yourself tapping your foot to the music. It does a good job of setting the tone and the mood of the level just as it did in the first title."

Gaming Age:

"...Not to mention that High Frequency Bandwidth layed some of the chillest music this side of Onra into the multiplayer aspect, PJS2 introduces an appealing new mode in the franchise that isn't just a throw-in by request of a studio head."

Playstation LifeStyle:

"Throughout all of it more music from High Frequency Bandwidth plays, maintaining the PixelJunk reputation for having great soundtracks."


"The music is awesome, if a little out of place at times, and makes Pixeljunk Shooter 2 an awesome game for headphones. 8/10"

PSN Stores:

"If you were wondering the music is once again handled by High Frequency Bandwidth. Every song seems tailor-fit for the moment you are playing. But if you want you could use the custom soundtrack feature, if you do that though you are off my friends list."


"The music in this game is undeniably good. It eschews the chip-tune or bubbly 8-bit soundtrack that it could obviously have made good use of, in favor of a more modern, urban sound."


"Arguably, the best part of any PixelJunk game is their unique use of music. Q Games collaborates with a different artist for each title, and this time they went with High Frequency Bandwidth, a British electronica outfit who provided a funky, almost trip-hop soundtrack infused with just the right amount of synthesizer noise and sci-fi samples. It perfectly evokes the mood the game tries to establish, and I would have to say it’s my favorite bit of game music of the year."

Viceo Jeugos (Spain):

"La música la ha realizado de nuevo el grupo londinense de ambient, electrónica y hip-hop, High Frequency Bandwidth, con unas melodías que acompañan estupendamente a lo largo de los menús y la aventura y que dan un toque muy personal, característico y apropiado."

" [The music sees the return of new ambient, electronic and hip hop group High Frequeny Bandwidth from London. With melodies that perfectly accompany the menus and gameplay, they add a personal touch which is both distinctive and appropirate.]"


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