Naked in The Rain

Hmmm.... there's a re-release of a track by a friend from back in the day... remember Blue Pearl?! We did a remix as well and as you can imagine we've rather avoided the usual approaches, but strangely as things stand you'll never get to hear it.

Is anyone interested? Just wondered, cos everyone we've tried it out on is rather into it. Ho hum.

Aadesh Shrivastava guests on HFB track...

We're pretty made up that old friend, collaborator and Bollywood music legend, Aadesh Shrivastava, has recorded vocals for "Happy Fucking Birthday". It's  a moody affair, but that's the way it is and a good tonic to the summer vibes we've been otherwise up to.

Aadesh is also on Wyclef Jean's last album on top of his work on Bollywood movies and solo releases in India.
The track is going onto the MySpace page now....
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