Hell Fire and Brimstone

Album CoverHell Fire and Brimstone is the debut studio album by High Frequency Bandwidth - it's out now in record shops and online, or direct from Malicious Damage.

Here's some info about what you get...

1. Hundred Forty Billion features Dynamax, fresh from The Bronx: European Ambassador of Afrika Bambaata's Zulu Nation and Ice T's Rhyme Syndicate. Check out the video on our video page or YouTube. This track is also featured on the BAFTA nominated PS2 game by Pixel Junk, "Shooter".
2. Heptafleurobutryl features East London's MOBO award winning MC, Funky DL. Unofficially known in the UK as "the hardest working man in hip hop", his accomplishments are too numerous to list. If you doubt, visit his website.
3. How Far Back?
4. Harmless Feather Bed featuring Dynamax
5. Hallo From Berlin
6. Hot From Behind
7. Happiness Feels Brilliant
8. Hill Film Blues featuring Dynamax, as featured on "Shooter"
9. Hey, Fizzy Bubbles! with vocals from Gerel
10. Hell Fire and Brimstone as featured on "Shooter"
11. Hidden Foto Banks as featured on "Shooter". Watch the Video on our video page or on " type="text/javascript"> YouTube.
12. Holes for Black
13. Harmonic Five [Beatless]
14. Hitchcock's First Bugle features the heavenly trumpet work of Quentin Collins of the Transatlantic Collective
15. Hitchcock's First Blunder
16. High Five Brother featuring Juliet Russell and Simone Niles (Sense of Sound)
17. Huge Fiery Ball Watch the Video on our video page or on Vimeo.

Hell Fire and Brimstone Delux EditionAvailable from the Malicious Damage Shop is the Delux Edition lovingly packed into a tin with Colsey's artwork and a bonus CD of remixes:

1. Hundred Forty Billion (Gaudi Mix) Recent collaborations with names such as Grandmaster Flash, Horace Andy and Michael Franti make Gaudi one of the world's most in-demand producers and remixers. Just listen to this remix and all will be clear.
2. Happy Fucking Birthday (Tripswitch Mix) The track also features Aadesh Shrivastava, one of Bollywood's best known artists - an old friend, he first proved his dexterity over breaks and hip hop by featuring on Wyclef Jean's album Carnival Vol. 2
3.Harmonic Five [Broken] (Indidginus Baragouin Mix) the didg playing sensation from Cape Town
4.High Five Brother (Ivan Novich Mix) up and coming prodigy from the U.S.
5. Holes For Black (81Neutronz Mix) One of New York's hottest new turntablists, 81Neutronz (aka Nick Low-Beer) also features on the latest Eminem album
6.High Flying Birds (Hektagon Mix) from the Pushin' Plastic stable
7.Happy Fucking Birthday (Andy Blake Mix) Andy Blake is currently one of London's most fashionable DJs, regularly holding the fort at World Unknown
8. Holes For Black (Indidginus Event Horizon Mix)
9. High Five Brother (DJ Red and Josh Dupont Mix) Houston's Finest
10. High Flying Birds (Mike Lennon Mix) of the venerable Pushin' Plastic Stable



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